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The Day delsurtranslations Saved Christmas

In the global marketplace, the success of marketing campaigns hinges not only on the quality of the product but also on the cultural resonance of the message. Let us share a compelling story that underscores the vital role of translation and localization in bridging cultural gaps and ensuring campaign success.

A couple of years ago, we were requested  to translate a Christmas marketing campaign from a renowned canned potato chips brand. The campaign was originally crafted for a winter context, showcasing cozy moments indoors with snow falling outside. The target country? Argentina, where Christmas unfolds in the warmth of summer, with festive gatherings in gardens and poolside celebrations.

Recognizing the misalignment, we raised a flag of caution to our client, emphasizing the need for cultural adaptation to appeal to the Argentine audience. We stressed that the original campaign, while well-received in a wintry setting, would likely miss the mark in a summer Christmas environment. Our client, thankfully, listened to our advice.

Collaboratively, we navigated through the necessary adjustments, infusing the campaign with the essence of an Argentine Christmas. The visuals shifted from snowy landscapes to sun-soaked gatherings, capturing the spirit of the season as experienced in the Southern Hemisphere. The messaging evolved to embrace the outdoor festivities, aligning with the local tradition of Christmas Season dinners under the stars.

The impact was profound. The adapted campaign not only resonated with the target audience but also outperformed expectations. This story serves as a reminder for businesses venturing into international markets. The importance of understanding and adapting to the cultural nuances of a target audience cannot be overstated. Localization is not merely a linguistic exercise but a strategic imperative to connect authentically with consumers in different corners of the world.

In a world where cultural nuances define success, don't miss the message. Embrace the power of localization to connect authentically with your global audience. Your brand's journey to international positioning begins with understanding!


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