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Covid-19 Rapid Response – Part TWO

delsurtranslations is pleased to share with you, our “Covid-19 Rapid Response – Part TWO”, detailing our continued efforts to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients. It continues to be our hope that our best practices ease your stress level, if even just a little. We’re all in this together.

– The delsurtranslations team

Even During Global Shutdowns, delsurtranslations Stays the Course Since the publication of our Covid-19 RAPID RESPONSE – Part ONE article, the number of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) cases around the world has more than doubled. With over 4.2 million*documented cases worldwide, countries struggle to ensure their citizens have access to the latest preventive measures to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. But their efforts must involve partnerships with language services providers (LSPs) whose expertise can ensure all messaging is delivered accurately and quickly in multiple languages.

With our strategic plans in place, delsurtranslations is one such partner. We are a well-prepared and seasoned LSP and a dedicated partner to our clients. Accordingly, we continue to stay the course, providing uninterrupted linguistic services during this unprecedented time in our collective history. In our RAPID RESPONSE – Part TWO, we focus on our expertise in partnering with US-based State and Federal government agencies, healthcare and life sciences organizations, utilities companies, and financial institutions.

*Worldometer (updates COVID-19 statistics every 24 hours)

State and Federal Governments “Located within the United States Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinates the Federal government’s response to natural and manmade disasters.”1 As such, FEMA has been working tirelessly to address the many challenges brought on by COVID-19 from working on optimizing the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to supporting the implementation of effective Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strategies.

Outside of this current pandemic, there are other crises within the United States that tend to occur cyclically. From California fires to Floridian hurricanes, devastating winter storms, floods, and more, the United States faces a great many natural disasters. Each time the nation is confronted with a new or recurring challenge, communicating with the general public is of the utmost importance. This “crisis communication” not only helps to keep citizens out of harm’s way but also builds confidence in the nation’s ability to effectively manage emergencies.

Life Sciences and Healthcare Sectors Life sciences organizations have always devoted a significant percentage of their efforts on studying living organisms and how they affect the environment. Now at the epicenter of developing the tests, treatments, and vaccines to successfully combat COVID-19, life sciences companies are further challenged with ensuring that all citizens are well informed and practicing recommended protective measures.

Likewise, the US healthcare sector has been overwhelmed with treating an unprecedented number of patients infected with a disease that currently has no vaccine. These facilities also have the added responsibility to ensure that the general public (and most especially patients), have meaningful access to the latest treatments as well as information on scientific breakthroughs – after all, equal access to health programs and activities is a protected right under US Federal law.

Utilities Companies Natural and manmade disasters can occur at any given time, and any single emergency has the potential to knock out power and cause fuel shortages, greatly disrupting the daily lives of businesses and the general public. When disaster strikes, one of the first tasks of any utility company is to ensure that critical infrastructure facilities (especially those at vital care centers) have the energy supplies necessary to keep operating. Utilities companies must also report this status to the general public in an effort to keep everyone well informed and safe.

The Financial Sector National and global crises also weigh heavily on our economic sectors and shake the very foundation of our financial institutions. As a result, business leaders fear for their company’s future and look for innovative solutions to survive recent and projected financial blows. Perhaps the results of PwC’s April, 2020 inaugural COVID-19 CFO Pulse Survey best illustrate these fears. When asked to name their top three concerns with respect to COVID-19, several Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) in the United States and in Mexico mentioned a number of financial concerns ranging from liquidity and consumer confidence, to funding, trade, taxes, and more.

In what could honestly be depicted as a market panic, We of COVID-19. The US Federal Reserve, for instance, “recently cut the federal funds rate by 50 basis points” in its first emergency move since the 2008 recession.2 But all of these efforts need to be effectively communicated to the general public in order to prevent markets from plunging any further.

You Can Count on our Rapid Response Anytime delsurtranslations has a long history of partnering successfully with both Federal and State government agencies as well as with utilities companies. We provide specialized linguistic support for disaster declarations, public notices, updates, signs, posters, access requisites, safety precautions, power outages, and more. And when it comes to the healthcare and life sciences sectors, our linguistic services help to improve patient satisfaction, patient safety, and overall health outcomes. We also continue to work closely with financial institutions, translating emergency measures as well as a growing number of plans to counter COVID-19 in the coming weeks and months ahead. No matter what critical situation may arise, delsurtranslations will always maintain close partnerships with our clients.

For over 18 years, delsurtranslations has cultivated our command of language proficiency providing services that go well beyond translation and localization. To that end, we also offer proofreading, post-editing, quality control services, as well as style guide and glossary development and management. We are steadfast in our commitment to uninterrupted service excellence. As our history clearly shows, we are well prepared to partner with you anytime, and most certainly in times of crisis. With 24/7 client support and customizable solutions, delsurtranslations stands behind our “be prepared” slogan – when pressure and urgency demand maximum commitment, delsurtranslations rises to the occasion.

Please reach out and let the delsurtranslations team work for you.

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