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Project Management School

A project manager is the spinal cord of any translation company. Finding the right PM can be a nightmare, considering that even though specific personal skills are needed, like stress management, attention to detail, multitasking, etc., hard skills and technical knowledge are just as important and there are not many formal education programs available specific for the Localization Industry.

In 2019, when we needed new PMs because we grew by 45%, we understood that it would be hard to find trained PMs in the market. We knew that teaching them from scratch was the solution. Therefore, we decided we would train many, not just for our company, but also to fill the market so any LSPs could take advantage of.

In October 2019, we launched the PMING SCHOOL. At first we offered basic courses; 24 hours of on-site training at our offices to teach the basic principles and concepts of the PMing, including supply chain, quality-price-time relationship, CAT-tools, vendor selection, communication, risks evaluation, and BMS usage. Plunet was a great allied in this crusade, as they kindly offered a free server and licenses for the students to practice workflows and set up of new projects using their software.


After two cohorts, we felt that a junior PM required more than what was included in the basic course, so we created the Advanced level to teach concepts that are more complex, assign them client-facing tasks, and providing students with more hours of training.

The pandemic started and we moved our on-site classes to online shorter sessions, with more self-paced tutorials and reading materials.


By July 2022, 17 basic courses have been completed by around 200 students, and 7 advanced courses by 40 students. 

We are proud to know that half of them are already working for localization companies worldwide. New courses will be launched in the coming months to feed an ever-growing industry.

If you’d like to learn the key aspects of Localization PMing, come join us in the next edition of the courses!

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